Thursdays are for the Funk!



Chaos is a Friend of Mine and ‘Apricot, Eugene’ Bottle Release!

September 12, 2016 -On Saturday September 17, at 2pm we will be releasing batch #1 of our one-year blended Lambic-inspired ale, Chaos is a friend of Mine as well as the second iteration of our fruited Lambic-inspired series, Careful with that Apricot, Eugene.

Chaos is a Friend of Mine

A beer brewed in the pursuit of mimicking the flavors and aromas of a Belgian Lambic. We begin with a traditional grain bill composed of pilsner malt and raw wheat, which is then boiled for an extended amount of time with aged hops. The wort is then fermented and aged in neutral French oak barrels with our diverse house culture. The chaos from the many different organisms and countless different strains competing for dominance takes off, and after 9 – 14 months in the barrel, we introduce the power of blending to bring order back, ultimately creating a beer that’s greater than the sum of its parts. Funk takes center stage in this brew, with notes of barnyard, stone fruit, and aged hops. A balanced and clean acidity make this beer tart, yet extremely palatable, with a full body and crisp dry finish.

Careful with that Apricot, Eugene

The second iteration of the Eugene series. One year old barrels we’re chosen a few months ago and aged for 8 weeks on apricots. We then chose the best barrels, blended them together, and bottle conditioned with wine yeast for over 3 months. The result is a beer exploding with aromas of dried apricots backed up by our house funk. Pleasantly acidic with a clean fruity finish, it is an exciting addition to our line up of fruited beers.

Thomas Campbell Label Artwork

Friends… you most likely have noticed the pretty awesome painting we’ve used for our first core release, Into the Great Unknown. Well, the art was created by one of our longtime favorites, Thomas Campbell, and we couldn’t be happier to have some of his paintings used for our beer labels. Thomas, an acclaimed international artist and filmmaker, splits his time creating at his studio in Northern California and traveling the globe having exhibitions and making films. We encourage you to check out more of his works on instagram @thomascampbellart.

Careful with that Passion Fruit, Eugene!

Saturday, August 20th is shaping up to be one hell of a day! Along with ‘Into the Great Unknown’ we will also be Introducing our first fruited lambic-inspired ale!

‘Careful with that Passion Fruit, Eugene’ is the first of our ‘lambic inspired’ fruited series. In this case we took a blend of 9-14 month old barrels, added Passion Fruit for one month, and bottle conditioned with wine yeast for three months. The passion fruit shines through and combines perfectly with the flavors and acidity from the original blend. Fruity, funky, sour… this beer could be dangerous in the wrong hands.

When: Saturday, August 20th at 1pm.

Where: 247 Long Beach Blvd

Price: $20 / 750ml bottle

Into the Great Unknown

Our excitement is palpable! On Saturday, August 20th at 1pm we will be releasing ‘Into the Great Unknown’ (Mosaic edition) a dry-hopped lambic-inspired ale in which we utilize a different hop varietal for each batch. We begin by carefully selecting and blending barrels that have been aging for 9 to 14 months. Then, once the desired combination is chosen, we dry hop in the blending tank with a specific variety of hops (in this version, Mosaic), and bottle condition with wine yeast for at least three months. In this first rendition of Into the Great Unknown, the aromas of tropical fruit from the hops work seamlessly to accentuate the funk and acidity of the underlying blend.

When: Saturday, August 20th at 1pm.

Where: Beachwood Blendery247
Long Beach Blvd., Long Beach

Price:$18 / 750mL bottle

Fortune Favors The Funk!


After 18 months of brewing, aging and countless tastings the time has come to begin transitioning away from The Propagation Series with the release of Fortune Favors the Funk, a ‘Lambic inspired’ ale.

Fortune Favors the Funk is a unique collaboration with our talented friends from Sierra Nevada. Together, we spent an afternoon tasting and blending to create a beer that showcases our love of wild flavors and balanced acidity. The final beer was created using the Blendery’s ‘Lambic inspired’ barrels and an experimental hop Sierra Nevada provided, known as ex-598.

Fortune Favors the Funk was brewed with traditional lambic ingredients; pilsner malt, unmalted wheat and aged hops boiled for three hours. The base beer was fermented in neutral oak barrels and aged for almost a year. After blending, the beer was dry hopped with ex-598 hops, bottled with wine yeast, and allowed to condition for over two months. Fortune Favors the Funk has a classic rustic profile balanced with solid acidity, full body, and clean finish.

When: Friday, June 24th at 6pm.

Where: Beachwood Blendery247
Long Beach Blvd., Long Beach

Price:$18 / 750mL bottle

Propagation Series 8.2e3 and 1.6e4

April 2nd, 2016 – It’s hard to deny the deliciousness of fruit, thus we have continued to experiment with as many variants as possible. This month, on April 9th to be exact, we will be releasing two more experiments that showcase some of our favorite flavors.

IMG_2019Bottles for Sale: (While supplies last)
Propagation Series 8.2e3: “Umeboshi” (Salted Plums) inspired Gose style ale with Lactobacillus, Brettanomyces, and Bamboo Jade Sea Salt aged in Oak Barrels with Plums. 4.3% ABV

Final Gravity – 1.005

PH – 3.42

Titratable Acidity – 7.0 g/L

(Berliner Weisse Style Ale). $17. 800 bottles available for release.

Propagation Series 1.6e4: Saison brewed with Saccharomyces in stainless steel, aged in French Oak Barrels with Brettanomyces, Sumo Citrus, and Blood Orange Zest.  6.4% ABV

Final Gravity – 1.001

PH – 3.83

Titratable Acidity – 5.3 g/L

(Saison) $16. 800 bottles available for release.

Pouring at the Tasting Room will be:

Propagation Series 064

Propagation Series 512

Propagation Series 1.0e3

Propagation Series 2.0e3

Propagation Series 8.2e3

Propagation Series 1.6e

Single Barrel Experiment Series (Draft Only)