Brewing Beer in America Inspired by the Belgian Lambic Tradition

“Beachwood Blendery was founded with one goal in mind; to create beer in America with flavors and aromas similar to traditional Belgian lambic and gueuze. In order to try and solve some of the mysteries surrounding the creation of these beers, we began collecting data at the very beginning of this project over three years ago. This data has been instrumental in the development of our beers, and has guided us closer to our goal. We decided to compile the data we’ve collected, so we could share it with all of you and add to the collective knowledge.” -Ryan Fields

We invite you to read this paper and share your thoughts/comments with us. The paper is available on our website, Facebook, and in our bio.

“It is of the utmost importance to us that we remain respectful of the tradition and to the true makers of the style. We will never refer to our beer as being either lambic or gueuze, and only when needed will we refer to it as lambic-inspired, gueuze-inspired, or beer inspired by the Belgian lambic tradition. We hope that you enjoy reading this paper, and that some of you gain some useful information. Together we make the craft beer movement stronger; let’s continue to elevate the bar and keep working together to make amazing hand crafted beers.”

Here is a link to Ryan paper:

Brewing Beer in America Inspired by the Belgian Lambic Tradition

We will also be posting a series of videos on our Instagram/Facebook accounts that go in to the paper in more detail.


One thought on “Brewing Beer in America Inspired by the Belgian Lambic Tradition

  1. Love the paper, thank you for summarizing you findings.

    Regarding your total acidity units, I’m used to seeing g/L (ASBC method) . Your table uses 1/(SG). Is there a quick conversion between the two?



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