Coolship Chaos Bottle Release & Funky Party

We’re releasing our first 100% spontaneously fermented lambic inspired ale and throwing a funky party to celebrate!

This is a limited and exclusive release of Coolship Chaos. Bottles will only be available through this event. Tickets go on sale Friday, May 12th at 12pm. Check out: for more details & ticket information.

Blendery-Label-04-Coolship_Chaos-proof1.00Coolship Chaos is our first 100% spontaneously fermented lambic inspired ale, a blend of the best barrels from our 2015-2016 coolship season.

It’s the closest we have come so far to fully following the traditional methods they use in Belgium to create lambics, and it shows in the flavors and aromas.

We used a traditional grain bill of pilsner and unmalted wheat, a multi-step mash, long boil with aged hops, and sent the hot wort into our coolship to cool overnight and become inoculated with the natural organisms floating in and around the Blendery.

It was then sent to barrels for a long fermentation and maturation. After one year we chose a few barrels that we’re tasting great, sent half to fruit for a later release, and packaged the other half for this special release.

No bottle conditioning yeast was added to the bottles on this run, only priming sugar, to achieve a natural refermentation in the bottle. The beer then sat in our warm conditioning room for five months until fully carbonated and up to our standards of taste, completely ready for your drinking pleasure.

It starts with a nice pop of the cork, and a thick steady head after the pour. Huge classic funk in the nose, reminiscent a farmhouse cellar, cedar, apple, and lemon. Bold lactic driven acidity compliments deep and complex layers of funk. Long chain sugars too strong for even the most robust strains of Brett leave the beer with a big mouthfeel, yet it finishes crisp and tart. Bold, complex, funky, tart, and drinkable. Everything we look for in a beer here at Beachwood Blendery.

We can’t wait to share this beer and introduce you to another stage in our evolution. We may have come a long way so far, but let me assure you this is just the beginning. Cheers!


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