Propagation Series 8.2e3 and 1.6e4

April 2nd, 2016 – It’s hard to deny the deliciousness of fruit, thus we have continued to experiment with as many variants as possible. This month, on April 9th to be exact, we will be releasing two more experiments that showcase some of our favorite flavors.

IMG_2019Bottles for Sale: (While supplies last)
Propagation Series 8.2e3: “Umeboshi” (Salted Plums) inspired Gose style ale with Lactobacillus, Brettanomyces, and Bamboo Jade Sea Salt aged in Oak Barrels with Plums. 4.3% ABV

Final Gravity – 1.005

PH – 3.42

Titratable Acidity – 7.0 g/L

(Berliner Weisse Style Ale). $17. 800 bottles available for release.

Propagation Series 1.6e4: Saison brewed with Saccharomyces in stainless steel, aged in French Oak Barrels with Brettanomyces, Sumo Citrus, and Blood Orange Zest.  6.4% ABV

Final Gravity – 1.001

PH – 3.83

Titratable Acidity – 5.3 g/L

(Saison) $16. 800 bottles available for release.

Pouring at the Tasting Room will be:

Propagation Series 064

Propagation Series 512

Propagation Series 1.0e3

Propagation Series 2.0e3

Propagation Series 8.2e3

Propagation Series 1.6e

Single Barrel Experiment Series (Draft Only)

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