Bottle Release: Umeboshi & Peach, Eugene

SATURDAY, December 17th 2pm
We’ll be releasing 2 new beers. They will be available in bottles and on draft. See you Saturday!

Lambic/Gose-inspired ale made with plums and Bamboo Jade sea salt
7.0% ABV

“Bright stone fruit and our house funk dominate the aromatics followed by flavors of juicy plum and melon. There is a solid acidity all the way through, rounded out by the sea salt, and a finish reminiscent of sweet tarts.”

Umeboshi Label
‘Umeboshi’ utilizes our third label design with artwork by Thomas Campbell.



Careful with that Peach, Eugene
Lambic-inspired ale with peaches
7.0% ABV

“Next in our line-up of stone fruit beers is ‘Careful with that Peach, Eugene’, made with fresh local peaches from both Regier Farms and Sunny Cal Farms. Glorious aromas of juicy ripe fruit gets your mouth watering before you take your first sip. Bold acidity and our house funk partner nice with big flavors of fuzzy peach. Sweet and full bodied with a tart finish, leaving you immediately wanting another sip.”

Today it seems that fortune did favor the funk!

We were just awarded the ‘Certificate of Excellence’ medal for Fortune Favors the Funk in the old style Gueuze-Lambic category at the Brussels Beer Challenge in Belgium.


“We are so honored to be recognized in this category, and are humbled to be listed alongside legendary Belgian breweries like Lindemans, Boon, and Tilquin. It makes us so happy and proud to know that our beers can hold their own on a blind judging panel in both America and Belgium, and we hope for continued success in the future.”
-Ryan Fields, Head Brewer & Blender

For all of you that still have bottles of this gem, now might be a good time to pop one open.  For those who don’t, hopefully in the future we can get the Sierra Nevada crew back down here and make another batch. Cheers!

fortune-favors-the-funkAfter 18 months of brewing, aging and countless tastings, we started the transition away from The Propagation Series with the release of Fortune Favors the Funk, a ‘Lambic inspired’ ale.
Fortune Favors the Funk is a unique collaboration with our talented friends from Sierra Nevada. Together, we spent an afternoon tasting and blending to create a beer that showcases our love of wild flavors and balanced acidity. The final beer was created using the Blendery’s ‘Lambic inspired’ barrels and an experimental hop Sierra Nevada provided, known as ex-598.

Fortune Favors the Funk was brewed with traditional lambic ingredients; pilsner malt, unmalted wheat and aged hops boiled for three hours. The base beer was fermented in neutral oak barrels and aged for almost a year. After blending, the beer was dry hopped with ex-598 hops, bottled with wine yeast, and allowed to condition for over two months. Fortune Favors the Funk has a classic rustic profile balanced with solid acidity, full body, and clean finish. It was initially released on Friday, June 24th.

New Eugene Bottle Releases!


November 19th at 2PM we’re releasing 2 more Eugenes!

Careful with that Aprium, Eugene – packed with citrusy, stone fruit, fruit juice flavors, coming from the three pounds per gallon of Honey Rich Apriums from Murray Family Farms that we used to make this beer. Aromatics of ripe apricot with a big bright acidity and a lemony tartness at the end. 7.0% ABV
Careful with that Pluot, Eugene- Made with three pounds per gallon of Crimson Heart Pluots, also from Murray Family Farms. Big fruit aroma with flavors that remind you of biting into the flesh of a very ripe plum. Pleasant acidity, hints of melon, and touch of funk on the back end. 7.0% ABV

Dia de los Mangos and Into the Great Unknown (Huell Melon) Batch #2 Release

On October 22, the spirits of the funk are reborn!

Dia De Los Mangos – Inspired by the unique flavors of Mexican candy, Dia de Los Mangos is a blend of one year old barrels aged on mango and tamarind for 8 weeks and infused with Ancho, Aleppo, Aji Amarillo, Guajillo, and Green Serano chili. Aromatics of chili dominate while mango and funk ethereally float through your olfactory. Tropical fruit flavors follow backed by a solid lactic acidity, finishing spicy while staying pleasantly drinkable. A unique beer to say the least.

Into the Great Unknown Batch #2 (Huell Melon) – our dry hopped series of ‘Lambic-inspired’ beer. We start out by blending 9-14 month old barrels, then dry hop in the blending tank with a specific variety of hops (in this case Huell Melon) and bottle condition with wine yeast for at least three months. Aromas of tropical fruit from the hops blend nicely with the funk and acidity of the underlying blend.

Chaos is a Friend of Mine and ‘Apricot, Eugene’ Bottle Release!

September 12, 2016 -On Saturday September 17, at 2pm we will be releasing batch #1 of our one-year blended Lambic-inspired ale, Chaos is a friend of Mine as well as the second iteration of our fruited Lambic-inspired series, Careful with that Apricot, Eugene.

Chaos is a Friend of Mine

A beer brewed in the pursuit of mimicking the flavors and aromas of a Belgian Lambic. We begin with a traditional grain bill composed of pilsner malt and raw wheat, which is then boiled for an extended amount of time with aged hops. The wort is then fermented and aged in neutral French oak barrels with our diverse house culture. The chaos from the many different organisms and countless different strains competing for dominance takes off, and after 9 – 14 months in the barrel, we introduce the power of blending to bring order back, ultimately creating a beer that’s greater than the sum of its parts. Funk takes center stage in this brew, with notes of barnyard, stone fruit, and aged hops. A balanced and clean acidity make this beer tart, yet extremely palatable, with a full body and crisp dry finish.

Careful with that Apricot, Eugene

The second iteration of the Eugene series. One year old barrels we’re chosen a few months ago and aged for 8 weeks on apricots. We then chose the best barrels, blended them together, and bottle conditioned with wine yeast for over 3 months. The result is a beer exploding with aromas of dried apricots backed up by our house funk. Pleasantly acidic with a clean fruity finish, it is an exciting addition to our line up of fruited beers.